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beach huts and lilies

Oh it has been a busy old week! I am still making my large shop order, it is epic!

But I have squeezed in the time to make these 2 items, which are now available in my folksy shop

The beach huts are made from recycled stained glass and each pot stand/trivet is a unique little piece of table art.

The lily is one of my most popular designs and I have cut it from a single piece of beautiful smokey streaky glass that is finished with an iridescent sheen.

Lots of news!

My poor neglected blog, I feel like I haven’t checked in here for ages! That’s because I have been very busy with Easter holidays, then ill children and lots of work too.

I am very proud to announce that I am a current featured seller on Folksy, where I have my main online shop, this is a wonderful privilege as there are only 6 a month! I have been working hard to improve my products and images and this appears to have finally paid off. Have a little look if you haven’t already, Folksy is full of wonderful designer makers and I am very proud to be part of the community.

My latest Indie Smiles article is up on the website, please check it out if you have a moment, it is a lovely online mag for crafters and crafty issues!

I am all signed up to do Devon Open Studios in September 2010, which will be my first time! and is both exciting and daunting! Watch this space for how that develops.

My friend Thrifty Nifty is opening a fantastic gallery/shop in Barnstable in June and I have a huge purchase order for stock for the gallery, which is great for my little business, but having cut out 50 hearts I now have to copper foil them all, which is going to take sometime!

And last but not least here are my cartoons for my latest commission, 2 farm house windows for the lovely Luckhurst family who are renovating a farmhouse in Dartmoor. They are variations on some of my recent Dartmoor series and will be built into double glazed units. Their house is very close to Hay Tor, so hopefully they will add a wonderful extra finishing touch to their home!

Next 2 windows of my current commission, the transom light.

This weekend I have been working on window 5 and 6 of my current commission, comprising 2 46.5 cm long curved windows forming a semi circle. The client had a strong idea of what she wanted, so the challenge for me has been fitting all of that into a small window! There has had to be a little compromise and a couple of the details of the piece (the client would have liked a petal and circle motif running through the sunburst) have had to be sacrificed for the good of the design. The lettering is complicated, but quite small and would get lost in any busier a design. Also, the space was just too limited to complicate the design any further. The below photos document the cutting, leading and cementing of these 2 panels. Just one more to go!

Work in Progress, cutting and leading

I am trying to document every stage of my current commission and now the final designs have been chosen and final drawings done I have been getting on with making them. I am doing the 2 side windows first, which are made up of 2 halves (so 4 panels in total)

Here are some photos moving from cutting, to leading, to the soldered panels, waiting to be cemented. The cutting has been made more accurate and easier for me on this commission as I have just brought my self my first grinder, which allows me to get a much better finish to my glass cuts and gives me more ability to manipulate the glass.

Recent Restoration

I have recently restored a panel for the front door of a beautiful farmhouse in Hemyock, near Taunton. Here are some photos of the process. I managed to find hand blown glass to match the original broken pieces and I added glass painted initials as requested by the customer. It is apparently an Art Deco door, however, it has more of an arts and crafts feel to me. The process goes as follows: I take a rubbing of the window to be restored and keep this as a guide to ensure I get the new window exactly right. Then comes the hardest part, removing all the old lead without breaking anymore glass! This is a delicate mixture of extrmeme care and brute force! Once this is complete I clean up the remaining glass and lay it on the rubbing. Next I match the lead sizes and the glass to be replaced as much to the original as possible. I then draw a new pattern, cut the glass and re-lead the window. I then cement the gaps between the lead and the glass, add a paterna acid wash to dull the solder and when cleaned up I buff with stove black. In this case I then painted on the clients initials. Job done.  Each window I complete teaches me something new and this window renewed by amazement at how precice and skilled stained glass artisans have always been. I love working using a method which has barely changed for 1,000 years and can almost feel the craftsmen who made the original looking over my shoulder hopefully happy with my repairs!!


Ben and Meli’s front door

I have made 2 windows for the front door of  Ben and Amelia’s Victorian town house, though the door itself is from the 1930’s. The design brief for these windows was to allow lots of light though, so not too dark colours and they liked the idea of a simple abstract design.  I took my inspiration from the flow of water in a dartmoor stream and used blues greens and yellows to give a subtle colour scheme.  The results are very effective and although these windows were installed sometime ago  I only got to photograph them last week. I am glad I waited as the sun was streaming through the windows showing them in their best light.

B and M window detailben and Meli window detailoval windowmain window ben and meliBen and Melli window 1

I am a stained glass artist working in Exeter and a busy mum of 2; trying to carve a path through the tide of washing and children's toys that stands between me and making beautiful things.

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