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My first week back from holiday has been so busy, we knew it would be and my husband Mark had the week off work to look after the children, so I could get on with stuff and he could spend a week chilling out with the girls (if such a thing is possible with our kids!)

I have spent much of the week making bunting, hearts and beach hut panels to restock what has been sold at fairs and online and to fulfill my wholesale order for Atelier Gallery in Barnstable (due this Friday).  The photos show a little of this activity; the bunting laid out ready to be soldered and then piled up, post soldering ready to be washed and hung on ribbon and the glass cut for 3 beach hut panels, (heading to Otterton Mill) with their sticky back plastic fish and waves stuck on waiting to be acid etched, then leaded and cemented.

The Exeter Craft Hub event on Saturday was a great success and they gave me a stall right in front of a massive window, which gave my stall a lot of light and I could actually hang things in the window to give people an idea of how they look at home.

My most popular designs have sold so well in the last few weeks that I have unexpectedly run out of certain materials, which is bad for the schedule, but good for some of my customers; as it means whilst I wait for supplies I have had an unexpected window of opportunity this afternoon to work on a new commission.

Jane , otherwise known as  Kind Dog (a fellow Folksy seller and talented illustrator, click on her name to go to her shop)  has kindly asked me to make a special panel for her niece’s wedding present.  I love doing special items, but this one is especially close to my heart; as she wants it to depict the North Norfolk coast which her niece loves and is the county where I was born and brought up! I hardly get to go back to Norfolk these days, the 7 hour drive is too long for my young children, so the opportunity to think about the beaches  I played on as a child has been a treat! I have prepared 3 drawings based on the North Norfolk coast around Heacham and I have gone from Holkham to Cromer in the drawings, I wonder which she will choose?


Making things for weddings.

I’ve never really considered making things specifically for weddings before, it seems to be a very full market and sometimes a bit cheesey! I was pretty burnt out aftermy own diy wedding (5 years ago this month)  doing the invites, for my own wedding. I wrote a list of everyone coming, counted them up and made all 100 of them an invitation. It did not dawn on me till I sat down to right them all out that due to the number of couples and children I only needed to send out around 60 invites, leaving me a lot of spares!

However, a recent commission and friend’s wedding have led me to revisit the world of wedding design and I have found my 2 latest projects challenging and I am happy with the end results.

Gemma and Andy commissioned me to make 2 stained glass picture frames to compliment their wedding photos. When I first started sketching I found it hard not to make my designs to weddingy.  But by using Gemma’s lovely patterned dress as a basis I have created 2 frames I am happy with (to be photographed when I get their photos to put in them). I have never made picture frames before and I found getting the legs on the back right a bit of a nightmare, but now they are finally finished they are going to look great on the sunny window sill for which they are intended.

My husbands old friend from university, Robin, marries Jo this weekend and as a present I have made them a window decoration using the distinctive design on their wedding invitations as a basis. I am really pleased with this design and I have found a great leaf design which I am realived to have finally got right. I have had ideas for Autumn leaf window decorations floating around my head since sketching apple trees whilst staying in a yurt in an orchard (that sounds quite hippy doesnt it?).

So weddings have made me learn to make picture frames and given me a way forward with  a niggling design problem, not bad for a week in my garage.

Red and blue stained glass flower and leaf motif

Red and blue stained glass flower and leaf motif

I am a stained glass artist working in Exeter and a busy mum of 2; trying to carve a path through the tide of washing and children's toys that stands between me and making beautiful things.

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