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Packaging up some exclusive designs for a new Scottish Gallery.

For several months now I have been working on some exclusive designs for a new gallery opening in Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland called Coastal Design and at last its all done, packed and ready to travel to the other end of the country. The gallery will be opening next month and they have commissioned a landscape design from me, in various sizes and colour ways depicting Campbell Town Loch and Davaar Island. The different colour ways reflect the ever changing light and I hope I have captured something of the atmosphere of the coastline there. The panels are made using traditional leading techniques, I have acid etched grasses and rocks into the glass and most of the glass used is recycled and reclaimed waste glass

Lots of other goodies have been packaged up for the gallery too, including; large leaves in autumn colours, boat mobiles, beach huts and hearts so they have a mixture of my leaded and copper foiled pieces…..its a long way to go, I have my fingers crossed they will arrive safely!

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Back from the North

For the last week my family and I have been on an epic road trip to Scotland and back (believe me it is an epic trip when your kids are 2 and 5!) We had an amazing time, the weather was good, the kids behaved brilliantly and everyday was full  of artistic inspiration for me, so I thought I would share some of my photos with you and I am sure over the coming months the things I saw will start filtering into my glass work, we shall see!

The first place we stayed in Scotland was Lochmaben, I cannot recommend it enough as a place to stop for a day or two. The town has an interesting history with a trail around the historic buildings, the people were very friendly and there is a good range of cafes and shops to get some lunch. My kids were very excited as we were staying in a hotel, and my husband was very excited because our room opened onto the hotel beer garden, everyone was happy! The Crown Hotel made us so welcome and were really accommodating with the kids, which added to our relaxed mood. The town has an amazing sculpture trail showcasing the chain saw sculptures of Peter Balshaw around the Castle Loch, culminating in the ruins of Lochmaben Castle, great for clambering on!

We went on to stay with friends north of Glasgow in their amazing 17th century house in Muthall and then came back down to stay just outside Edinburgh in preparation for the wedding of my dear friends Ali and Olivia; we just had time to visit Linlithgow Palace. This ruined palace was the birth place of Mary Queen of Scots and is stunning and well worth a visit; as is the attached church of St Michaels which has stunning stained glass from the Victorian era and a wonderful modern window by Crear McCartney to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the church. The subtle combination of acid etching and painting were of especial interest to the skills I am working on presently and my thoughts will return to this window regularly!

Scottish window, Work in Progress 3

I have made great progress on my latest window commission, the story so far:
I have cut the glass, decided the blue was wrong and re-cut that in a different shade and type of glass, the blue was streaky cathedral and too much for the piece, so I have swapped it for some turquoise water glass, which is much more subtle and looks fantastic.
This piece is going to have acid etched details of heather and rocks, giving an impression of the landscape of the highlands. I love to work with acid etching, when you see the window from a distance you hardly notice the effects, but when the light coming through the window pools on the floor the shadow details of the piece come alive and it paints a picture on the floor, which I find magical. Acid etching is quite straight forward, I painted on the PVA glue (to act as a resist for the acid) to get a free and painterly effect to the etching. Once this has dried I cover in etching cream and leave it to eat away at the surface of the glass. Once this has happened I scrape off the cream, this can be reused and wash the rest of the acid off the glass and hope it has worked!
I then built the panel up with the lead came, soldered the joins and cemented the gaps between the glass and the lead and left the cement to harden off…………that is as far as I have got. Tomorrow I will put an acid on the lead and solder joins to darken the joins, makes the solder less shiny and noticeable. Then I will spend a considerable amount of time shining it all up with grate polish. Finally, I will find the best way to get it to Scotland! Anyone driving from Devon to the Highlands soon? Oh and dont forget to check out Nicki MacRae, she is the lady commissioning this piece and a talented artist

I am a stained glass artist working in Exeter and a busy mum of 2; trying to carve a path through the tide of washing and children's toys that stands between me and making beautiful things.

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